Just come by


Pawn shops constantly face reputation problems. Consumers rarely consider pawnshops when it comes to loans due to pawnshop reputation problems. In Ukraine stepping through the pawnshop door is regarded somewhat a failure and incapability to make ends meet.


Instead of combating this image problem directly we decided to create a communication hero. Guinea pig! Furry, funny, cute guinea pig that is both tragic and comic at the same time. The little hero constantly complains about his life in the glass aquarium…but unlike humans his problems can’t be solved with money.

Humans can, all they have to do is come by “Partner” pawn shop and apply for a loan.

The Guinea pig became an ironic mirror which encourages us humans to step over old stereotypes related to pawn shop business. The images with the furry guinea pig now decorate every “Partner” pawnshop store which creates a warm, friendly impression on the people.

PS. You may ask why Guinea pig is wearing a diving mask. Oh well, in Ukraine and some other European cultures guinea pig is called “sea pig”.

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