UIA Safety Video

No one wants awfully boring safety films. For years airline companies have been battling on the
creativity field to make their safety films entertaining and maximum compelling… investing high sky budgets in the production.

Yes, that’s what it takes to jump out of the crowd. Nevertheless in tight collaboration with Ukraine
International Airlines and local artist Yurii Motrych we joined the safety film race!

From very start we aimed to create something radically different and claim superiority to all the forms of safety films released before. That’s why we crafted safety film in the style of the Suprematism ( Latin“superior”) , an art movement which focuses on basic geometric forms and limited range of color.

The video you are about to see is inspired with artworks of famous Ukrainian painter Kazimir Malevich who’s also regarded a founder of Suprematism.

We released the safety video on February 23, 2018 which would have been Kazimir Malevich 140th birthday.

Enjoy and have a safe flight!

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